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If you’ve never been to a physiotherapy appointment before, your first one might sound daunting. Your doctor might have told you to go to physiotherapy. Or a friend suggested it after you had an injury that wouldn’t go away.

We’re here to help you calm down no matter what’s going on.

Going to a physiotherapist is a great way to improve function, get stronger, become more flexible, and feel better in general after an injury or pain. A physiotherapist can help you get back to your favourite sport or your favourite activities without pain or fear of getting hurt again.

So let’s get started. What should you expect from your first visit to a physiotherapist?

Before Your First Visit

So, you’ve set up your first visit with a physiotherapist. What’s next?

Now is the time to make plans!

Make sure you plan to get to your physiotherapy appointment about 10–15 minutes early. This gives you enough time to fill out any forms, insurance information, or questionnaires for new patients.

In general, you should also wear clothes that are loose and comfortable. For example, as part of your first evaluation, your physiotherapist may ask you to walk or squat while they watch how you move. This is easier if you wear clothes that are loose and comfortable.

It’s also important to make sure you drink enough water and eat a small meal or snack before your appointment.

During Your First Appointment

Your first appointment will consist of an initial evaluation. Here, your physiotherapist will assess your strength, flexibility, function, gait, and reflexes, among other factors, in order to accurately diagnose the problem and decide the best course of therapy. Additionally, they may use palpation methods to evaluate the wounded or afflicted region.

This evaluation typically lasts at least 60 minutes. Feel free to ask any questions you may have along the route. Your physiotherapist will communicate throughout the whole exam, often reaching a decision towards the end.

Your physiotherapist will then diagnose your illness or injury. They will let you know when and how often they anticipate your presence. They may also provide an approximate schedule for when you can anticipate making a complete recovery. 

After Your First Appointment

You can schedule any necessary follow-up appointments on your way out of your first appointment.

Depending on the many tests administered during your evaluation, you may also feel pain in the days that follow. This situation is temporary. Any discomfort should lessen within 24 to 48 hours. Ensure that your body is well-fueled and hydrated throughout this period, as this will assist in alleviating any residual soreness.

During your next sessions, your physiotherapist will provide therapy for your issue. The treatment may include the following:

  • Manual therapy techniques
  • Prescribed exercises
  • Acupuncture
  • Heat therapy
  • Cold therapy
  • Modalities
  • Stretching
  • And more.

Most follow-up appointments are between 30-45 minutes. Depending on your pain or injury, the number of follow-up appointments you need may vary. 

At Fraserlife Willowbrook Physio and Rehab, our staff tries to provide the most pleasant and welcoming physiotherapy experience in Willowbrook. We treat you as a family member from the time you enter our doors.

Call us at (778) 278-4755 if you are ready to schedule your first physiotherapy visit. Start your road to a pain-free existence!