Regardless of its origin, chronic pain is highly painful and difficult to endure. Typical causes of chronic pain include trauma, injury, etc. Physiotherapy is more effective than the usually recommended medications used to address physical limitations and acute or chronic pain.

Physiotherapy is regarded as one of the most effective treatments for chronic pain. In case you were unaware, over 20% of Canadian people suffer from chronic pain. In addition to alleviating chronic pain, physiotherapy has been shown to strengthen the body and mind.

However, because of the abundance of local physiotherapy clinics, there is potential that you will get confused as to which one to select. Because of this, we are here to provide you with some key considerations before selecting a physiotherapy clinic to treat your chronic pain.

Clinic/Office Environment

The look and presentation of the clinic are the first things patients see upon entering. It should be large enough to accommodate you and give you maximum comfort. Since physiotherapy includes a lot of physical activity, the office or clinic must have a smooth and squeaky-clean surface for physical exercises and activities. The next step is to determine whether or not the environment is clean.

The physiotherapy clinic you choose must be clean and sanitary so that you do not get an infection after visiting. Cleanliness and hygiene are particularly critical after the pandemic. These are achieved abundantly by Fraser Life.

Physiotherapists’ Qualifications

The quality of your physiotherapist will be better understood if they have relevant credentials. It will also help you establish trust and give you more confidence to continue your therapy on that level. Your chances of experiencing pain relief will be jeopardized by any physiotherapist who lacks the required education and skills. A well-trained and well-educated physiotherapist will not only alleviate your pain in a short period of time but will also assist you with gaining physical strength. A physiotherapist in Canada should have a Master’s degree or above. In addition to a Master’s degree, the physiotherapist must have done a minimum of 1,000 hours of clinical work, whether it was group work, clinical work or lab work. Before scheduling an appointment with a physiotherapist, make sure to verify their qualifications.


Imagine if you had delegated the job of caring for your body to someone for whom you lacked trust. Note that a physiotherapist’s personality has nothing to do with their credentials. Even though he or she is a well-educated and well-trained physiotherapist, he or she may not have a trusting personality. So learn the distinction between the physiotherapist’s credentials and personality. Ensure they are both well-trained and possess pleasant personalities to care for you.

Practically, you will also feel uneasy when you’re around an unpleasant person. You may readily notice and comprehend their personality and conduct with only one meeting. Some may have a short fuse or pay little attention to your words. You and your physiotherapist must establish a positive rapport to have productive and pleasant physiotherapy sessions.

Types of Services

Fraserlife - Here's How To Find The Best Physiotherapy Clinic For Your Chronic PainSome physiotherapists may be well-trained and popular but have not specialized in treating your pain or condition; they would be a specialist in some other pain that has nothing to do with your issue. Therefore, you should seek out a specialist for your disorder or pain. This can help you establish a rapport with the medical practitioner, which will also benefit your therapy. 

A physiotherapist who does not specialize in your specific condition or discomfort may prescribe largely general physical activity. This may not significantly alleviate your discomfort. Because Fraser Life has several specialties, you can choose us to help your specific condition.

Home Exercise Support

Some medical specialists in physiotherapy give you excellent treatment and physical guidance when you visit their clinic, but they do not provide advice for at-home exercises. Effective physiotherapists’ most essential quality is encouragement to engage in physical activity at home.

Since you spend most of your time at home rather than at the clinic, you should continue your physiotherapy courses at home for optimal outcomes. It will not be sufficient to cure your leg pain just to do physiotherapy exercises in the clinic. You should continue doing these at home if you want to see benefits quickly. A competent physiotherapist will provide home exercises for your improvement and speedy recovery.


Choosing a top physiotherapy clinic such as Fraser Life will result in significant pain reduction. Choose a physiotherapist who makes you feel completely at ease and has the same vibe as you. This will enhance your pain alleviation and build your body and mind for long-term health.

Langley’s best physiotherapy clinic for chronic pain is Fraser Life. Visit us online or call us at (778) 278-4755 today.


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