What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a treatment that aims to restore, preserve, and maximize a patient’s mobility, function and well-being. Physical rehabilitation, injury prevention, and health and fitness are all benefits of physiotherapy.

When Should I Make An Appointment With A Physiotherapist?

Consider physiotherapy in Langley Township, B.C. if you have an injury or persistent pain that is interfering with your daily activities. After surgery (such as a hip replacement), or an incident (such as a heart attack or stroke), your doctor may recommend you to physiotherapy.

Note that you will be unable to utilize your benefits if that insurance provider does not cover the physiotherapist, and you will be required to pay the entire cost of therapy.

What Are The Conditions That Physiotherapists Treat?

Physiotherapists are concerned with both prevention and rehabilitation. Treatment may be provided for issues caused by an accident, illness or handicap. The following are some examples:

  • Neck and back discomfort caused by muscle and bone issues
  • Arthritis and the after-effects of amputation involving bones, joints, muscles and ligaments
  • Asthma and other lung diseases
  • Incapacity as a consequence of heart disease
  • Pelvic difficulties, such as bladder and bowel disorders caused by delivery
  • Loss of movement as a result of brain or spine damage, or as a result of illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis
  • Fatigue, discomfort, edema, stiffness, and muscular weakness during cancer therapy or palliative care

What Are The Benefits of Physiotherapy?

Here are just some situations wherein physiotherapy has helped to get the best potential outcomes:

  • Pain elimination and reduction

Patients with arthritis, muscular strain/sprain, or tendonitis benefit from therapy methods and exercises such as Soft Tissue Mobilization and the use of modalities such as TENS, IFC, and Ultrasound. These treatments assist in alleviating pain and restoring normality.

  • Assists in avoiding surgery

Let’s face it. We live in a difficult pandemic time currently, and no one wants to go to the hospital or have surgery. However, there are certain inevitable circumstances in which surgery is the final option. Physiotherapy may assist in preventing this by controlling and mending in the early stages. It is also useful in pre- and post-surgery rehabilitation programs to reduce the risks of problems. If you live in or around Langley, we recommend contacting our Fraser Life physiotherapy specialists before undergoing surgery. If you are recovering from surgery or therapy, you also may discuss your situation.

  • Improve your general strength and coordination

While physiotherapy is very helpful in reducing pain before or after surgery, it also helps to improve the body’s general strength and robustness. Did you know that physiotherapy includes specialized exercises and stretches that aid in overall body coordination?

  • Reducing reliance on medicine

Every medication that a patient takes has a side effect at some time. Certain circumstances necessitate that a patient takes medications to manage or treat his or her condition. However, in certain instances, such as surgery, a patient relies on medication for pain management. We propose physiotherapy as an alternate option to address this issue and minimize medication dependence and adverse effects.

  • Cardiovascular functioning and lung capacity improvement

Stroke surgery requires intensive care and a lengthy healing period. Physiotherapy assists post-heart attack and stroke patients in recovering their degree of mobility, movement and balance. 

  • Managing and preventing injuries related to sports

We realize that sports are all about agility, and different activities may increase the risk of certain kinds of diseases such as ACL tears, Golfers Elbow, and hamstring strain, to mention a few. In such cases, physiotherapy is essential and helpful since it offers very precise treatment to increase endurance and resolve the symptomatic issue. Aside from injuries, sportspeople benefit from regular physiotherapy treatments.

  • Remaining fit at all ages and stages 

It is not always easy to be older, and it carries a slew of problems that wreak havoc on everyday living. Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), osteoporosis, sciatica, dementia, neck pain, back pain, knee replacement, and other conditions fall under this category. Physiotherapy can treat and manage all of these conditions.

  • Heart and diabetic conditions management 

Diabetes patients often experience discomforts such as knee, shoulder and back pain. This is often the consequence of imbalanced sugar levels in the body. There are specialized physiotherapy programs that aid in treating diabetes-related discomfort, and these programs also help with blood sugar management.

  • Pregnancy easing and postpartum care

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience. However, many women encounter difficulties therein as their bodies endure fundamental changes which affect their general well-being and health. Many women have problems such as shifting hormones, trouble doing regular tasks due to increasing body weight, changing habits, and so on.

  • Mental health improvement 

Augmenting your mental health is the most essential of all the wonderful advantages of physiotherapy.

For more information and to book your physiotherapy appointment in Langley today, visit: Fraser Life Physiotherapy.


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