Custom orthotics are made to help trouble spots on your foot. This may assist in alleviating heel discomfort, correct for toe joint deformities, and even raise an arch.

When it comes to orthotics, customization is essential. Custom orthotics, as opposed to mass-produced, generic shoe inserts available at any pharmacy shop, are customized specifically for your foot to give support exactly where you need it. They are custom-made to suit the shape and size of your foot. Because every foot is different, any insert that isn’t custom-fit may create as much discomfort as it is intended to alleviate.

Have you ever considered that personalized foot orthotics might enhance your quality of life? This is what many individuals remark after using orthotics and experiencing relief from a range of pain and other problems.

What Are Custom Orthotics?

It is critical to understand how bespoke orthotics are much better than store-bought orthotics. Those shoe inserts are unable to alleviate the wide range of problems that custom-made orthotics can.

Custom orthotics may completely treat foot problems that are unique to you by using cutting-edge technology which screens your feet for structural abnormalities such as high or low arches. And we don’t simply mean foot discomfort. Ankle, knee, hip, and even lower back discomfort may result from instabilities or gait difficulties caused by structural issues in your foot.

What Are The Advantages Of Custom Orthotics?

When you use personalized foot orthotics, you will quickly realize how better your feet and the rest of your body feel.

Perhaps you decide to buy a pair for heel pain, and after a time you see that your heel pain has gone away (and you’ve noticed a number of other advantages as well such as):

  • Pain in the ankles or legs has been reduced
  • Improved balance
  • Being able to walk or stand for extended lengths of time without discomfort
  • Lower back discomfort has been reduced
  • Fewer calluses, corns, and bunions
  • Better posture
  • You will feel a change throughout your body as your feet begin to support you as effectively as possible.

It benefits the health of your knees, ankles and back

Your knees, ankles and back rely on your feet to maintain correct alignment and range of motion. As your posture and stride try to adjust for foot discomfort, any kind of foot pain may reduce mobility in your muscles, tendons, and joints.

Foot abnormalities are corrected

Prescription orthotics, as opposed to generic insoles, may address foot deformities such as high or collapsed arches.

Enhances general health and athletic performance

Foot irregularities may influence your activities whether you are a seasoned athlete or a young athlete just starting out. Custom orthotics may assist in relieving the discomfort that is limiting your performance.

Pain and pressure are relieved

Custom orthotics offer support and cushioning by redistributing strain on your feet. This is especially useful if you stand for long amounts of time or have arthritis. They also may offer pain relief while preventing pressure ulcers and other diabetes-related foot abnormalities.

How Do Custom Orthotics Help Back Pain?

Chronic lower back pain is one of the more prevalent health complaints among people in Langley and it is one of the leading causes of missed work. If everyone who suffers from back discomfort had custom-fitted foot orthotics, the domino effect would start at the bottom.

When your arches are too high or too flat, or if you have any other structural irregularity in your feet, it causes your feet to be out of line with your shins. If your feet and ankles move inside or outward instead of remaining in line with your shins, your knees will ultimately become misaligned as well.

When your knees move, your thigh bones may shift and become misaligned where they meet your pelvis. You now have an unstable hip posture due to a condition that started in your feet, which makes your spine less stable.

Lower back discomfort is more probable if your feet, legs, hips and spine are out of alignment as you move through life.

Custom Orthotics Can Change Your Life!

Wearing Custom Orthotics - Langley, B.C.

Foot orthotics may correct this bone misalignment starting with your feet, producing a beneficial domino effect upward until your posture improves and your back pain is relieved.

Custom orthotics alter your body’s movement and absorb more impact when you walk, run, or stand. The additional stress absorption may assist in relieving discomfort in your ankles, knees, and hips, in addition to decreasing back pain. And this may enhance the quality of your life.

Your feet may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re trying to figure out what’s causing your back and joint discomfort, but they’re worth looking into as a possible source of the issue.

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